Spinal Decompression:

1. Due to bulging and herniated discs, I had suffered from back pain for years. I had been referred to a spinal surgeon but decided to give your treatment a chance first. After twelve treatments of spinal decompression, I have not had any back pain at all. I now live in North Carolina and it has been over a year without any back pain at all. I play golf pain free all the time!

Again Thank You

John Spadaro

Raleigh, NC

2. I started having back pain 4 yrs ago. At times the pain was so severe that I could not get out of bed for at least 2 weeks. I tried medications, epidural shots and other chiropractors. Nothing worked. I saw Dr. Beach for this table and after two months of treatment, I felt back to normal, like I was young again.

John Paolini

Copiague, NY


1. My migraine headaches started 40 years ago when I had my son. I have been having them ever since, at least one or 2 a week. Since Dr. Beach adjusted my neck I have been headache free! Its been a year, what a wonderful feeling.

Ruth Waldeck

North Babylon, NY

2. Dr. Beach has helped me more than any other Doctor I had been to. I had been to the best neurologists in NYC, acupuncture, pain management, physical therapists etc...

Ilene C. Esq.

Dix Hills, NY

Back Pain:

After suffering from back pain for 15 yrs and being told by many MD's that there was nothing to be done for me, I tried chiropractic with Dr. Nadine Beach. After my 3rd visit, I was relieved from any pain in my lower back and after 8-10 visits, I found I was getting much better range of motion in my neck as well. I don't take pain medication any more and even though I live 30 miles away, I don't mind the drive at all. Thanks Dr. Beach!

Jim Szakmary

Shirley, NY

Neck Pain:

Thank you Dr. Beach for making my neck and head feel better. For 7 years I had a pain in my shoulder, neck and radiated up behind my ear. In the last 3 months it became unbearable. I finally decided to try chiropractic. In 2 weeks the pain had reduced drastically. I can funtion better at work, have more joy in my life and can move my neck so much better than I had been able to in years. The treatments for my neck even helped my lower back which also bothered me before.

Thank you so much Dr. Nadine!

Denise Melkun

Bethpage, NY


My 13 month old son Devin suffered from chronic ear infections and bronchial asthma since he was 3 months old. He was on numerous medications and was using the nebulizer up to four times a day. We were tired of pumping so much medication into such a little boy that we turned to Dr. Beach for assistance. Having never been to a chiropractor before, we were skeptic. Within weeks of adjustments, Devin was off the nebulizer and all medication! He is now 16 months old, has not had another ear infection and is going strong!

Thank you Dr. Beach -

Danielle Ebert
Bay Shore, NY

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